#Writephoto – Caught

“Hugh produced a notebook out of his robes.

“I have your tasks. I will call out your names and you will come forward and receive your instructions.”

The children were caught, like rats in a trap. They had no way out. Ghosts stuck in the twilight zone between life on Earth and life beyond. Having turned away from the light, their souls remained unallocated to either Heaven or Hell.

Thanks to Margaret’s uncontrollable power, they now had a partial physical presence. They could inflict pain but they could also experience it. They were no longer translucent and without substance. A beating from either Lucifer or Hugh would hurt but could not kill. They were almost like the souls, trapped in Hell forever, except that they had not been permanently allocated to life with these cretins. There was some hope of eventual escape.

The oldest boy stepped forward. I’ll work with the two Sarah’s he said, pointing at the small girls holding hands that Margaret had noticed earlier.

Hugh ripped a page out of his notebook and handed it to the boy. He paled as he read it but resolutely walked over to his chosen assistance.

“Come on, girls,” he said with a forced smile. “We’ve got a job to do.”

The remaining children quickly formed themselves into groups and pairs. Each stepping forward to receive their instructions from Hugh, who seemed to grow and bloat with self-importance as the work allocation continued.”

Sue Vincent’s prompt for this week is caught, together with this photograph:

The piece of writing above is an extract from my WIP, Nemesis. The ghosts and others are in Nabbs Wood in the United Kingdom at night. I thought this setting went with the photograph even if it isn’t reflected in this short extract above.

You can join in Sue’s prompt here: https://scvincent.com/2018/08/28/caught-sisyphus-writephoto/


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