#Writephoto – Spectral

The wispy morning mist shrouded the abandoned and ruined mansion. It looked so pretty with ivy clinging to its broken walls and moss patterning its stone floor.  Who would have believed that only hours earlier the spirits of the numerous girls who were murdered in this house had gathered in the courtyard. They stood silent and forlorn in the light of the full moon which bathed their transparent forms with silvery light and created strange and mysterious shadows.

From a distance they looked like delicate waifs but when you ventured closer you could see the evil and twisted expressions on their darkly beautiful faces and splodges of blackness down the fronts of their thin white gowns.

Their ghastly deaths at the hands of one of the most wicked female serial killers in history had turned them away from the golden light of redemption at the time of their deaths. By choosing to follow the path of revenge they had trapped their spirits in the twilight zone between Heaven and Hell. They were destined to wander the moor and the ruins for all eternity, lamenting their past suffering and with nothing to look forward to other than this empty life of a ghost. They were deprived of the physical pleasures of a human and the spiritual pleasures of a soul. They were the lost.


This was written for Sue Vincent’s photo prompt – Spectral. You can join in the fun here: https://scvincent.com/2018/09/13/thursday-photo-prompt-spectral-writephoto/


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