Under the Sea, a Virtual Art Gallery Showcasing the work of Rob Goldstein

Author Teagan R. Geneviene is hosting a marvelous Under the Sea, Virtual Art Gallery. You must pop in and view the lovely works of art by Rob M. Goldstein. There are wonderful bloggers to meet too.

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Opening AnnouncementWelcome to my art gallery.  Today the venue is the #steampunk submarine of Cornelis Drebbel, who graciously allowed us into his domain. 

I’m excited to present the artwork of Rob Goldstein, who illustrated Hullaba Lulu.  Please join me for a stroll through the submarine to view his images.

Yes, that’s the first piece of Rob’s art on display ― Sea World.  Isn’t it calming?

Sea WorldSea World

First, we need to go to San Francisco to pick up Rob, the guest of honor.  Cornelis, it feels like we are already under weigh.  I’m surprised you put your book down without a fight.  What was all that clicking about?  What do you mean click you?

Cornelis:  No, click me, not click you. Click Me Happy.”  It’s exciting for me to be able to choose the book’s ending, Teagan.  But I simply couldn’t pick one.  So, I…

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4 thoughts on “Under the Sea, a Virtual Art Gallery Showcasing the work of Rob Goldstein

  1. Dear Robbie. Heartfelt thanks for this. I really appreciate you sharing this virtual art show. It’s a way for me to thank Rob for illustrating “Hullaba Lulu” and thank everyone who reblogs and comments every post. I hope I didn’t miss anyone but… that’s probably inevitable.
    Rob did the perfect companion post to the show. It’s here: https://robertmgoldstein.com/2018/09/21/under-the-sea-a-virtual-art-show-and-blog-party/
    TGIF hugs!

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