Introducing a cat to my WIP

I have a great deal of time for the six authors who contribute to Story Empire blog. They are all wonderful writers and I value the tips and thoughts they share.

Last Friday, Craig Boyack shared a post about the inclusion of pets in a novel or story. I must be honest, the idea of including an animal in my book had not occurred to me. When I read Craig’s post I thought what a good fit the introduction of a cat would be in Nemesis. Everyone knows that cats can see spirits. They are also said to be the familiars of witches and wizards and, although my book is not about magic and fantasy, it is about ghosts and the supernatural.

To this end, I spend my limited writing time this week incorporating an evil cat into my work in progress. This is one of the sections that I included and which I thought I would share and see what people thought of the idea:

“Margaret reached the top of the stairs and stepped onto the landing. She glanced towards the linen cupboard set into an alcove near the top of the stairs. It was open a crack.

A strange place to build a cupboard.

Two bright, green eyes stared at her from within the depths of the cupboard.

An image of the dead man under the stairs floated into her mind.

It’s him, he’s in the cupboard, black tongue hanging out between his cracked lips. He’s going to pull me into the cupboard and down into the depths of Hell.

Her heart leaped into her mouth as she climbed down the few stairs to the cupboard. She yanked it open.

It’s just that damned cat.

The cat arched its back and hissed at her, revealing its sharp, white teeth.

“Get out of here,” Margaret whispered, her spitless mouth making speech difficult.

The cat hissed at her again. It did not move.

Margaret bend down and took off her shoe. She brandished it at the cat, who hissed at her again, a strange and malevolent expression in its shining eyes.

Margaret pitched the shoe at the cat as hard as she could.

How dare the cat hide in this cupboard. How dare it hiss at me and refuse to leave. It has no right to be here. None at all.

Margaret’s shoe struck the cat on its shoulder and glanced off into the cupboard. It uttered a deep growl and fled, gracefully slipping out of the door and down the stairs.

Margaret watched it go. Her nausea was back, lying like a stone in her stomach. Beads of sweat stood out on her forehead and her shirt stuck to her back.”

If you would like to read Craig’s article, you can find it here:

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