#Anthology – Dark Visions

Any of my followers on this new blog who have read my introduction or who follow my other blog robbiesinspiration.wordpress.com, will know that I have been expanding into writing supernatural and horror short stories. You will also know that I have a WIP in that genre and am having a lot of fun with all the research for it including finding out who the twenty five most evil people ever are considered to be – and yes Hitler and Stalin are both on that list.

During the course of my research, certain stories and ideas popped into my head that did not fit into my WIP so I wrote them into short stories. I submitted two of these stories into Dan Alatorre’s recent Word Weaver horror story competition and, I am thrilled to let you know, that he selected both of these stories to include in his new horror anthology, Dark Visions.

Dark Visions

Dark Visions is launching on 15 October just in time for Halloween and I am one of twenty contributing authors, including Dan Alatorre, Allison Maruska, Geoff Le Pard, Ellen Best and many others.

You can find out more about the launch of Dark Visions here: https://danalatorre.com/2018/10/03/12-days-get-ready/

14 thoughts on “#Anthology – Dark Visions

  1. Honoured I am to be in it too. I have one of mine, a flash fiction included in this exciting project. We can connect across continents and share the honour together, well done you.

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Ellen. I saw you were part of the author group. I am happy to be featured with some of my blogger friends. It is very exciting and I am learning a lot about marketing from DAn.


  2. Robbie, that’s awesome!!! Congratulations. If you would like to promote Dark Visions on my blog, please give me a shout and I would be glad to feature you and the anthology!
    P.S…Love that cover!

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