#Photoprompt – Faraway: a haibun

Desperately, she peered through the dimness. An assorted array of items floated past her; crockery,  bed linen, even a violin. She couldn’t see it though. She kept moving forward. It had to be hear somewhere.

Her long nightdress clung to her legs, slowing her forward motion. An elderly couple floated past her. They were dressed in their best finery. The bright red of the gentleman’s bow tie was startling against his black dress suit. Their eyes were closed as if in sleep.

She caught a glimpse of it out of the corner of her eye. She reached out and wrapped her small, white fingers around the wooden doll. Her treasured possession in her grasp she drifted towards the Nether Gate. The other victims of the ship wreck were already being sucked through it.

How final is death?

What loiters beyond the veil?

I would love to know

Have certainty, without doubt

Instead, I will just believe

By Roberta Eaton

This haibun was written for Sue Vincent’s photo challenge. You can find the details here: https://scvincent.com/2018/10/04/thursday-photo-prompt-faraway-writephoto/


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