#WritePhoto – Bones, a piece of flash fiction

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Black Shuck weathervane in the town of Bungay

Sean sat at the scarred wooden table drinking his pint and reading the paper. He looked up with mild displeasure as Harry bounded over. “Did you read about it?” Harry boomed.

“Read about what?”

“Some archaeology team found the bones of the Black Shuck at Leiston Abbey in Suffolk.”

“The Black Shuck! Do you mean the ghostly black dog with one huge, fiery eye in the middle of his head, which is rumoured to roam the coastline and countryside of East Anglia. The one which superstitious people believe will bring you bad luck, even death, if you see it.”

“Yes, Sean, that’s the one. The article said that the skeletal remains of a very large dog were found in a grave near some pottery fragments from the 16th century. It said that the bones belonged to a male dog and estimated that it would have stood seven feet high and weighed about 200 pounds.”

Sean looked at Harry incredulously.

“You’re not telling me that you really believe that nonsense, are you?”

“Well … it said so in the newspaper.”

“Haven’t you ever heard of false news, Harry?”


Written for Sue Vincent’s photo challenge entitled Bones. You can join in here: https://scvincent.com/2018/10/11/thursday-photo-prompt-bone-writephoto/

If you are interested in learning more about the legend of the Black Shuck, you can read more about it here: http://www.bungay-suffolk.co.uk/bungay/black-dog-legend.asp

31 thoughts on “#WritePhoto – Bones, a piece of flash fiction

  1. It’s kind of cool and kind of scary at the same time to have a town legend like Black Shuck. All we have around here are Civil War ghosts, no creatures. Actually, two years ago a lady thought she saw a Bigfoot holding a baby Bigfoot. The woman didn’t know what else to do, so she called 911!

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  2. Love this, Roberta. I lived in Suffolk and Norfolk in the 1990s and was fascinated by the legend of Black Shuck, so much so that it later featured in one of my novels, The Lost Corner

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  3. There are tales of the great black dogs all over England. My local one, growing up, was the Barghest. I’d love them to find one, just to see the look on the archaeologists faces 😉

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