#Poetry – Loss and Enjoy Life


It is hard to watch

Everything you have worked for


It rents at your heart and soul

Making you feel desolate


Enjoy life

Make the most of life

There is no return from death

Scarily final

Do not hasten its embrace

Dance on your upcoming grave



22 thoughts on “#Poetry – Loss and Enjoy Life

  1. “Dance on your upcoming grave” — Robbie, that is absolutely marvelous.
    I hope things are better at your real-world job (although I suppose not based on the first poem).
    *I can’t talk about it at my blog*, but I’m making the big leap. I’m escaping the DC swamp, come what may — 10 years is far too much! So I’ll “Dance on my upcoming grave.” I’m in the process of getting a cottage back in New Mexico (if all goes well with the bank). Fingers crossed. Hugs on the wing.

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    1. Hi Teagan, I have seen a picture of the cottage you are looking at buying. It looks lovely and I am holding thumbs for you. I think I am burned out with corporate life. I have a month long holiday coming up which I am looking forward too.

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      1. Wow — a month long break?! That’s marvelous. I would really like to take a year off to just write and finish some of the many draft novels waiting for me… but I don’t want to do it through unemployment, so I’m afraid to wish or intend to do it.
        I hope your break is everything you want it to be. Hugs on the wing.

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      2. You’d think they would treat you better. But I know. My bosses refuse to let me participate in things that would get me a higher grade — because they need me too much. Yet the way they act, you’d think they were trying to drive me away, rather than encourage me to stay. Enjoy your break. Get re-charged. Never forget your value. Hugs.

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