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What Amazon says

A murder mystery adventure where Silvina & her journalist friend Harry follow clues to the vineyards of Bordeaux. The city has a dark secret connecting it to the slave trade between Africa and Haiti. Step back in history to the 1700s to witness life on the island: SLAVERY, VOODOO & the first black republic. In 2011 the couple continue their search in Haiti for Silvina’s lost mother. They travel to the interior high country where the Taino Indians once lived. Here the homes hang dangerously to the sides of the cliff. Is the lost mother still alive? they find her?

My review

Father’s Dead Where’s Mother is the story of a young nurse living in the United Kingdom who returns home one day to discover her father is dead and her mother has disappeared with no explanation. Her father’s death is unnatural and disturbing and Silvina is determined to discover who killed him and what has happened to her mother.

Silvina meets Harry through one on the policeman on the case and he agrees to assist her in looking for her mother. Their quest takes them to Bordeaux in France, where her parents met and where her mother was raised by an adoptive mother. Soon after their return to England, Silvina and Harry set off to Haiti to see if they can discover more about her mother’s disappearance.

I found this book taxing to read as it seemed disjointed to me and some of the attitudes and circumstances featured in the book never seem to really come together. The relationship between Harry and Silvina is never fully explained so the reader doesn’t know if they are romantically involved or not. Silvina’s mother’s seeming indifference to her husband’s horrific murder, merely because she felt neglected as he had a hobby investigating his family tree, did not seem very reasonable. It also seemed strange that she would just walk away from her home, children and grandchildren to go an live in earthquake damaged Haiti. The historical elements about Haiti during the time of the slave uprisings against the colonists were interesting and engaging but it didn’t seem to contribute to the overall story in a clear and concise manner.

I rated this book three out of five stars on Amazon.

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