#Writephoto – Untrodden, a haibun

Sally had chosen to walk a path previously untrodden by the women of her family.  It wasn’t that they weren’t interested in academia but rather that the opportunities for further study never presented themselves.

Sally was following in her father’s footsteps. She planned to become a chartered accountant which required four years of full time studies and three years of apprenticeship coupled with further academic studies to pass the board exams. Her father had practiced his profession until the day he died when Sally was a small child of three years old. His unfortunate death meant that Sally had the acumen and ability to study accounting but she didn’t have the financial resources to do it. She had resolved this dilemma by obtaining a scholarship from a local university.

Her grandfather had not believed in educating girls. Her mother had passed the entrance examinations for the the local grammar school but her father would not buy the uniform for her. He thought it was a waste of his money to educate Marion further.

Her Aunt Lily had entered into service in a large house close to her family home. One day she had popped in for a short visit which had ended badly. Lily had painted her nails red in accordance with the fashion of the day. Her father had gone mad when he had seen them, ordering her to “remove that beetle’s blood from her fingers right this minute.”

Sally came from a conservative background but times had changed. She had grown up in South Africa and had obtained an excellent education at the local high school. She was looking forward to walking this new path and would hold her head high on behalf of all the women in her family, past, present and future.

Make your own success

leave no pathway untrodden


will knock only once in life

be sure to answer the door

This haibun was written for Sue Vincent’s photo challenge Untrodden. You can participate here: https://scvincent.com/2018/11/29/thursday-photo-prompt-untrodden-writephoto/


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