#Bookreview – The Guardian, Mended Souls One, by Jacquie Biggar

The Guardian: Mended Souls- Book 1 by [Biggar, Jacquie]

What Amazon says

Two lost souls stop must stop a madman with the help of a sarcastic angel

Lucas Carmichael and Scott Anderson had it all, money, fame, and fortune. But one night’s stupid mistake takes everything they thought they cherished and dumps it upside down.
A car accident ends Lucas’ life and leaves Scott injured and bitter.
As the local ME, Tracy York, investigates the case, discrepancies begin to point to more than a simple drunk driving incident.
When threats are made to Tracy’s life can Scott and his guardian angel, Lucas, protect her, or will she become another casualty of a ruthless killer?

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My review

I listened to the audio book of The Guardian: Mended Souls One. The reader, Daniel F. Purcell, has a pleasant voice and I enjoyed his reading of this story.

Tracy York, a medical examiner, is assigned to investigate the circumstances surrounding a horrific car accident in which three people have been killed.

The driver of one of the vehicles is a well-know celebrity, Lucas Carmichael, who has been enjoying a night out on the town with his best friend and fellow celebrity, Scott Anderson, and Scott’s younger sister, Natalya, when the accident occurs and he is killed. Natalya is also killed in the accident and Scott is admitted to hospital as a result of his injuries.

The driver of the other car is a family man whose expectant wife and two young sons are travelling with him in the car. The father is killed in the accident and the mother looses her baby as a result of her injuries.

Tracy meets up with Scott in the car park of the medical centre when Scott responds to Tracy’s cries for help upon finding an injured dog near her car. Scott has come to the medical centre to say his final goodbyes to his best friend and brother.

There is an immediate attraction between Tracy and Scott but Tracy is distrustful of Scott’s motives due to his celebrity status. The pair are drawn closer together as strange things start to happen that indicate that someone is stalking Tracy with a view to murder. When Tracy finds some unusual results in Lucas Carmichael’s blood results taken after the accident she is even more suspicious of Scott and his motivations for paying her attention.

There is a supernatural element to this novel with the deceased drivers of the two cars being flung together in Heaven’s waiting room. Both have unfinished business which they need to complete before being admitted into Heaven.

This is an interesting read with a good, strong ending. I enjoyed the romance between Scott and Tracy which nicely supplemented the main plot of the book and was a pleasant addition to my reading experience.

Tracy and Scott are both interesting characters with flaws that make them more believable and engaging.

I rated this book five out of five stars on Amazon.

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