Book cover – Through the Nethergate

Although it will still be a while before Through the Nethergate is ready for publication (I am aiming for early September), I am so excited about the cover that I thought I would share it here and see what you all think of it.

This is the blurb (which will help you understand the relevance of the cover):

Can you destroy evil or is it a manifestation of human behaviour?

Margaret has a unique talent. When any ghost has contact with her it reincarnates and acquires a physical presence and selected human characteristics.

Following the death of Margaret’s parents in a car accident, she goes to live with her grandfather in an ancient inn in the small town of Bungay in East Anglia, England. The cellar of the inn is haunted by the depraved spirit of Hugh Bigod who died in the 12th century and has assumed the form of a ferocious black dog. For hundreds of years the black dog has stalked the streets of the town leading the unfortunate victims of unnatural deaths away from Heaven’s white light and enslaving them. The unhappy ghosts can sense Margaret’s power and start to congregate at the inn in the hope that she can help free them from their lives of servitude. When Hugh Bigod becomes aware of Margaret’s power, he plots to use her to overthrow Lucifer and take his place as the master of Hell.



62 thoughts on “Book cover – Through the Nethergate

    1. Hi Colleen I only learned after our post about the Black Schuck that the ghost of Hugh Bigod, said to have been an unimaginably evil man, also takes the form of a black dog, possibly the Black Schuck. That is what inspired this story.

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  1. Good blurb, and a striking cover.
    Only one niggle in my mind, but probably to be ignored. The title includes ‘Nethergate’. The illustration is of a gate one would assume is leading to the bright light; i.e. ‘Uppergate’. (I have this horrible habit of wanting a cover to be directly connected to the theme or a scene; they seldom are.)

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      1. It is a conundrum. The title is highly (lowly?) suitable while the cover looks great, and I don’t know if it would be possible or effective to convert it into light-going-into-blackness.


  2. really really love this simple but dramatic cover, it would attract my attention, well done Robbie!
    it sounds way too creepy for me but that seems to be what most enjoy to read so I think it will do very well 🙂


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