#Writephoto – Tranquility (a poem)


a state of calm

or peacefulness

that can be achieved,

I understand,

by reaching a state

of quietness

and serenity.

It has become

a pleasant thought

unbeknownst to me

for many a year.

I spend my life

yoyoing between

chaotic panic and

lessor anxiety

but I never reach

placidity or restfulness.

Is it my fault?

you are right to ask


I chose my career

quite ignorant of how

it would all unfold.

Can I change it?


I could perhaps go back

and restart

but twenty years down the line

it’s quite a challenge.

Would it work anyway?

I don’t believe so

extreme anxiety is now

so completely embedded

in my work ethos

it has become

a way of life

living on the edge

and diving off

just like a lemming,


to drown in adrenaline.

To much time has passed

it’s too ingrained

to be easily changed.

I may go to my grave

without ever experiencing


This freestyle poem was written for Sue Vincent’s photo challenge: https://scvincent.com/2019/03/07/thursday-photo-prompt-tranquil-writephoto/





41 thoughts on “#Writephoto – Tranquility (a poem)

  1. That photo is serene. I like to have alone time by a quiet lake to immerse in the tranquility.
    I totally understand, Robbie. There was a time I got up 6:00 a.m. didn’t go to bed until passed midnight.There was no time for “me.” I didn’t go back to take a different career. but I came to where I am. I can’t image to be running around without quiet time right now.
    Hopefully this is the stage of your life and somehow there’ll be a change to fulfill your desire.

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  2. I do hope you find a point where tranquility is possible. I’ve spent years working when it wasn’t, and several years now where it’s been possible. Things can change – I hope for your sake, they do.

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    1. I think it depends on your age, Kayla. You feel less included to start over when you are 25 years down the line in your career and it is hard to give up the money and take a lower amount as your get used to living a certain way. I also think that certain characteristics are in some peoples natures and they will come out in any field they choose.

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  3. This is both beautiful and sad, Robbie. When you’re young it’s easy to think yourself indestructible, able to be everything to everyone. It’s only as we grow older that we realize the value of those peaceful, quiet moments.
    I hope you find yours {{hugs}}

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    1. Thank you, Jacquie. I guess I have to many ambitions and I don’t confine my efforts to just work like most people do. I find these very stressful, long day patches at work now quite tiring. I am a bit burned out after nearly 25 years of it.

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  4. I have been consciously trying to slow down and pull back when things threaten to spiral too much out of control. It’s tough! I hope tranquility will reach out and give you a hand at some point…(K)

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  5. sad but it’s always a choice … I believe you could find tranquility but it would take persistent effort. Only you can decide if it’s worth it … and it doesn’t need a change of career!
    Imagine the calm peace you would bring to every aspect of life, work, family once you establish it 🙂

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    1. Hi Dorinda, I think that I am tired of my day job. It no longer invigorates me as it used to and the long hours tire me out. I need to stay until the end of this year and then I shall look to find something different and more creative and appealing to do.

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