#Photostockchallenge – Changing times

“Do you remember when people thought the next war would be against the Martians? People panicked that aliens, with intelligence far greater than ours, were watching Earth, waiting for an opportunity to make it their own.”

“Of course. I remember reading that a panic ensued when War of the Worlds first aired on the radio in 1938. People thought it was a real attack.”

“Now here we are in 2019, worrying about the world ending because of global warming and predicting that the next war will be over water. It’s amazing how much life has changed in eighty years.”

This piece of flash fiction was written in exactly 100 words for Don Massenzio’s Photo Stock Challenge. You can join in here: https://donmassenzio.wordpress.com/2019/03/13/stock-photo-challenge-3/

37 thoughts on “#Photostockchallenge – Changing times

  1. Great flash fiction Robbie, and so much truth in it. Apparently the the growing in flux of people to this this country and the natural population growth indicates that in around 25 years time we will run out of water!

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    1. Yes, you do make a good point, Priscilla. Less money and other things bring out the worst in people. The reason we are facing such humanitarian crisis’s now is because people don’t want to share and don’t want to have less. Just imagine what will happen if we run out of essentials like water.


    1. Thank you, Mae. My next book will be about a post-apocalyptic world (quite different I think from most other books along these lines) so I thought I should get some practice. My review of Cusp of Night will be published on this blog tomorrow. Brilliant book.

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      1. One of the books I loved when I was a kid was “Alas Babylon” about a post-apocalyptic world. It has stuck in my head ever since. I look forward to what you’ll be writing!

        And I saw your review for Cusp on Amazon.Thank you for posting it there and I look forward to seeing it on you blog tomorrow. So happy!

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  2. as a war of the worlds fan I bet it would still cause a stir if it was broadcast again 🙂

    But surely ignorance, greed and hatred will ensure that we self implode …

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