#Writephoto – Rift

Sue Vincent has obligingly provided another prompt that fits right in with my WIP, Through the Nethergate. Here is the extract:

“The rumbling of carriage wheels disrupted the quiet of the morning. Massive hooves pounded the road as the black dog followed by the ghost carriage came into view. Grandfather and Margaret both leaped back in alarm and horror. The carriage was a heavy wooden structure with doors and cut-out windows. The wood was old and peeling in the daylight. The phantom horses terrified Margaret. Their eyes rolled wildly in their colossal heads.

Within moments, the carriage drew alongside Grandfather and Margaret. Strong arms extended out of the open window and grasped Margaret firmly, dragging her inside. Grandfather noticed the white, peeling skin as the arms holding Margaret were retracted back inside.

The carriage continued down the road. Through the window holes, Margaret watched Grandfather getting further away. Turning to look forward she saw the tarmac of the road ahead starting to crack open like a ripe melon. The rift rapidly grew wider and a ghostly pathway appeared, sloping steeply downwards into the dark earth. The angle was so sharp it was almost a precipice. The carriage and dog wound their way further and further into this seemingly bottomless pit which slowly closed over behind them. The carriage was soon gone, disappeared into the bowels of the earth, taking Margaret with it.”


You can join in this week’s challenge here: https://scvincent.com/2019/03/21/thursday-photo-prompt-rift-writephoto/

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  1. My goodness, Robbie–what an emotionally charged excerpt! And you gave us all the horror of such a moment, watching it come closer with no hope of escape. Very vivid writing, my friend. Sharing… : )

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