#Poetry – One for me, None for you


A mammoth structure

it dominates the rise

a tribute to corruption

ill gotten gains and lies.


Luxurious cars gleam

a dozen – or more

fast and sleek, they hint

at what is in store.


Adorned with art

a magnificent hall

ornate vases and statues

loom up – proud and tall.


Tea and cake are served

cups plated with gold

a multitude of servants

uniforms bright and bold.


A story begins to unfold

told with arrogance and pride

a tale of self enrichment

the listeners are beguiled.


The audience like insects

trapped in a golden lair

the flow of silky words

attempts minds to ensnare.


At last, the flow dwindles

this self indulgent river

the opportunity is taken

to escape, with a shiver.


On route back home

time to sit and reflect

youthful beggars flash by

their budding lives wrecked.


The gluttonous excesses

left further behind

the contrast so stark

it seems quite designed.



This is a poem I wrote about greed and corruption and the excessive wealth that is accumulated by some people as a result of it. There is a stark contrast between the poor, living on the streets and the very wealthy living in huge mansions.

This poem is from the poetry book I wrote with Kim Blades, Open a new door.


18 thoughts on “#Poetry – One for me, None for you

  1. ‘The rich man in his castle, the poor man at his gate, God made them, high or lowly, and ordered their estate.’
    – a verse of the nineteenth century hymn All Things Bright and Beautiful, ommited in more recent times. Implying God endorsed the class system! Corruption in all times and places creates division and helps unearned wealth pass down the generations.
    I love the first verse, Robbie.

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  2. Roberta, this is so perfectly written, it should etched on stone on the building front of ever government, corporation, statehouse, city, and town, to remind us and those in power to understand that as we are watching the pageantry behind the corruption; We will not be fooled. All will be held accountable. A fabulous poem.

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  3. Powerful social protest poem. Ilike the image of the Wrecked beggars and arrogant rich. There’s corruption everywhere unfortunately, at least in some countries we can call them out.

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  4. There was a programme on TV last week here in the UK. One reporter lived amongst the homeless for 60 days in various UK cities. He found that not all the homeless are actually homeless – their ‘work’ is begging. At the end of the day they go home with their takings!


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