#Stockphotochallenge – The Busker

The young man came over, opened his wallet, and dropped a few coins into the open guitar case lying on the ground.

“Thank you,” John smiled, continuing to play a lively tune. He caught the eye of his mate standing nearby and gave a brief nod. The wad of notes in the man’s wallet made him the perfect victim for their mugging gig. Busking is a great way to identify victims. Why didn’t we think of it before? John thought. Sam and Mike sauntered after the man.

John grinned and lifted his voice in exuberant song. The money was theirs.

This 100-word flash fiction was written for Don Massenzio’s stock photo challenge here: https://donmassenzio.wordpress.com/2019/04/03/stock-photo-challenge-6/

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  1. This brings up a good point – we always fear where that money goes, what will happen to us if we let a few dollars out of our pockets. This story feels scary because it preys on that fear.

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