Nightmareland! A New Horror Anthology Just In Time For Halloween!

Here’s A Great New Horror Anthology – Just In Time For Halloween!

So excited for Robbie Cheadle, who is one of a group of Writers who have contributed to a brand new horror anthology!

From the creators of the #1 bestseller “The Box Under The Bed” horror anthology and its #1 bestseller sequel “Dark Visions”, now comes this horror anthology just in time for Halloween!

“Nightmareland” – A horror anthology with 23 stories from 14 authors.

There is nothing better than turning off most of the lights and digging into a collection of short horror stories!

Here’s how Amazon describes some of the horror within these pages:

“A high school girl with something to prove to herself and possibly to her parents, goes to a rundown shack deep in the woods to try a new drug that will give her the worst nightmares of her young life. A “Nightmareland” injection opens a person’s biggest fears to them – and then you are on your own for however long it lasts. Tag along as she becomes a lost child on a Florida party island, an investigator looking into a circus’ bizarre side shows, an abused prisoner, and much more.”

Carry on reading here:

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