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Linda G. Hills prompt today is dreams. These are two published poems of mine that are about dreams.

The first appeared in a book called Diverse Verse compiled by Richard Archer. It sold for three months and all profits went to cancer research.

Can you see the butterflies?

Can you see the butterflies?

Bright splashes of vibrancy

daubs of colour

against an azure sky.


Can you see the butterflies?

On near transparent wings

they flutter and fly

deliciously light on the breeze.


Can you see the butterflies?

A cloud of beauty

acting as one

a gossamer pool of delight.


I can see the butterflies

through half closed eyes

my dreams form shapes

with fluttering wings.


I can see the butterflies

as they develop in my mind

elusive thoughts grow wings

and they fly.


By Robbie Cheadle

The second poem appears in my poetry book, Open a new door, co-authored with Kim Blades.

Colour palette of dreams

 I lie in a patch of sun;

My eyes slide closed;

Through my eyelids;

I see my artist’s palette of dreams;

Tubes of colour standing by;

Waiting to be mixed;

Bright yellows, oranges and pinks;

Shades of optimism and hope;

Add a splash of maroon

my ambitions blood;

A squeeze of bright red

symbolic of my passion;

a smudge of gold and silver;

shining achievements to date;

A smear or two of blue

my anxiety and apprehensions;

a daub of vibrant green;

a jelly fish in my sea of hope;

tinging it with caution.

By Robbie Cheadle

I decided to share these two poems about the joy, hope and optimism of dreams because we seem to be facing so dire repercussions of human greed at the moment and we need positive ideas.


You can join in Linda’s challenge here: https://lindaghill.com/2019/11/15/the-friday-reminder-and-prompt-for-socs-nov-16-19/

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