Guest author: Robbie Cheadle – Emily Brontë

Thank you, Sue Vincent, for hosting this third post in my Bronte family series. Emily Bronte was a most fascinating woman and this post includes some less well know facts about her and her life.

The Brontë family

Emily Brontë


Emily Brontë was the fifth child of Patrick Bronte and Maria Branwell. She is known for her intense gothic novel, Wuthering Heights, which has remained consistently among the top three best-selling English language classic novels.

Emily’s is reported to have been unsociable and extremely shy. After her death from tuberculosis, Charlotte said the following about her:

“My sister’s disposition was not naturally gregarious; circumstances favoured and fostered her tendency to seclusion; except to go to church or take a walk on the hills, she rarely crossed the threshold of home. Though her feeling for the people round was benevolent, intercourse with them she never sought; nor, with very few exceptions, ever experienced. And yet she knew them: knew their ways, their language, their family histories; she could hear of them with interest, and talk of them with detail, minute, graphic, and accurate; but WITH them, she rarely exchanged a word.”


Facts about Emily Bronté

Some interesting facts and stories about Emily are as follows:

Emily was good at art, as were her siblings Charlotte, Anne and Branwell. Emily was largely self-taught and learned to draw by copying images from manuals and popular prints of the day. There are 19 surviving illustrations created by Emily and these include a series of pen and ink sketches, some paintings, mainly water colours, a few pencil drawings, some engravings and a geometry exercise.

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