#Terriblepoetry – Coronaverses

I am seeing a lot of Coronaverses going around so I thought I would join in with the perspective of a third world country. It saddens me to see how the populations of the first world countries are fighting over hand sanitizer and toilet paper when this pandemic could kill millions in poor countries where self isolating is impossible due to circumstances and shared accommodation and stockpiling is impossible due to no money.

Chelsea Owen’s terrible poetry challenge is about stockpiling so I am joining in with this dark thoughts glazed with humour.

Blikkiesdorp is home to about 2 000 families. (Ashraf Hendricks/GroundUp). You can read the story relating to this picture here: https://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/cold-and-leaking-shacks-the-long-wait-for-brick-houses-for-the-people-of-blikkiesdorp-20180630

Poverty makes stockpiling a farce

In some places it can’t come to pass

Money’s really much to tight

Sickness an everyday fight

No loo paper; we’ll just use grass


If we’re sick we’re supposed to isolate

not a concept to which the poor can relate

When you live in a small tin roofed shack

and water and basic amenities you lack

an out of control virus will just devastate

The guidelines for this week’s terrible poems are as follows:

Here are the specifics for this week:

  1. Topic: Stockpiling against a worldwide disaster, in limerick form.
  2. Length: A limerick. They’re five lines: AABBA, in anapestic meter.
  3. Rhyming: Yes. In AABBA anapestic meter format.
  4. Make it terrible! Got it? Make it terrible!! The world’s ending, after all!
  5. Rating: PG-13. This is the perfect time to panic …poetically.

You can join in here: https://chelseaannowens.com/2020/03/14/the-weekly-terrible-poetry-contest-3-14-3-20-2020/




52 thoughts on “#Terriblepoetry – Coronaverses

  1. Sad and funny. Thankfully, most of the measures if not followed won’t result in death. It is us oldsters–75ish and over–that are in the most trouble.

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  2. I hope people remember that all of the negative social media stories about fights in grocery stores etc are being shared by foreign Trolls, in an attempt to destabilize countries…we went to Whole Foods today and while many products were gone, they also announced they will restock overnight from the huge stockpiles of food that exist. To your point about the homeless, our city is opening more emergency centers with hot food and bags of food for those who need it. If we all stick together and dont’ leave anyone behind, we will beat this. And remember, soap kills the coronavirus!

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      1. We’re self-isolating here at the farmstead. Panic is everywhere. Thoughts and prayers for neighbors at home and around the world. We are all in this together… Take good care of you and yours, dear Robbie.

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      1. Oh, no. Sorry to hear that. I just saw a allergy specialist who uses holistic approach to treat me and some of the vitamin/mineral would help with my immune system. Last year I had a terrible allergic reaction with whole body inflammation for six weeks, hospitalized.

        I mentioned a friend who got his Ph.D. from Oxford, specialized in C.S. Lewis. He had severe allergy to a point he had to put the Bible and other books in Ziploc bags. He is a professor and ancient books in his office!!! He reconstructed the whole house to get rid of any mold. He aid he had zero immune system. Anyway, he went to a well known holistic therapy on the east coast of the US. The therapist explored him in all area in his history and life. Eventually helped him to identify his problem – his is a perfectionist fear of failure or slight flaw. It was his the constant fear that put ongoing stress in him physically and emotionally and affect him physically. Eventually he let go of the fear of imperfect, and now on the way to complete healing.
        It was a miracle because he suffered the allergy for 10 years and thought he was going to die – fear that when sick, his body wouldn’t recover.
        I understand that Michael has other situation and was in treatment. I hope you find the right doctor or therapist for him.

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      2. Hi Miriam, thank you, the mind is indeed a very strong controller of the body. Michael’s problems are physical and not mental (opposite from my son, Greg, who suffers from OCD). Michael has a bug called Microplasm which creates fluid in the lungs, but he is getting better now.


  3. We are in self isolation at the request of our government but this means we cannot get food! No one to go for us, and deliveries cannot get food because of panic buying. If we dont self isolate we can be in real trouble from govt. mbut we cannot get food. I guess something will be sorted out in the end but it might be too late for some. It is a terrible situation worldwide

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