#Flashfiction – Crazy

Charli Mills has given crazy as her prompt word this week. I thought about what I should post. Should I write about all the Covid-19 craziness that a happening around the world and in my home country. I decided against that and thought I would entertain you rather with an extract from my new novel, A Ghost and His Gold. I have finished the first draft and am now editing it. Whew! Hard work, indeed.

Anyhow, here is the extract which I amended a bit to reduce the scene to 99-words:

We could hear screaming and the muffled whump of shrapnel as it hit the ground. The screaming went on and on. It was one of the most terrible sounds I have ever heard. Simon shouted it was the horses screaming. He was begging for someone to shoot them.

The shelling stopped, and in the sudden silence, the screams were magnified. Simon was going crazy at the terrible sound. We all had our hands over our ears, but it made no difference.

One of the men had the good sense to shoot the injured horses. He killed all of them.”

You can join in the prompt here: https://carrotranch.com/2020/04/17/april-16-flash-fiction-challenge-2/


40 thoughts on “#Flashfiction – Crazy

    1. Thank you, John. I am trying to unpack the psychology of war in this book. The internal conflict created by what is more or less a civil war, fighting people who are just like you and how propaganda and other tools are used by government to try to incite hatred. I have tried to delve into my characters feelings when they cannot reconcile the propaganda with the reality and the horror of watching your friends blown to pieces and how you would then react to burning the farms of the perpetrators. It is very interesting to try to understand how the human mind works and also how reactions vary from person to person.

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      1. Interesting to understand and sad in many cases as well…we are seeing the worst of it right now in the US, all stoked by a racist President


  1. Ooh, this is very turn-of-the-century. Reminds me of the WWI stories I know of where a man screaming in No-Man’s Land would drive everyone insane, but in this case it’s with horses. A very rough story.

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  2. What a heartbreaking scene! It’s usually good writing when you make your readers feel something. Great job, Robbie!


  3. I’ve watched a few shows where an animal – the farmer thought it best to put an animal out of their misery…
    I just can’t imagine all those horses… Very sad indeed.

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