#Thursdaydoors – Edinburgh Castle

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Edinburgh Castle is a historical fortress situated on Castle Rock in Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland. These are a few pictures I took of doors during our tour of this famous castle.

Entrance to the castle
Original prison door in the dungeons
Entrance to see the Scottish crown jewels

The three pictures below are of the view of Edinburgh from the castle. Lots of doors.

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42 thoughts on “#Thursdaydoors – Edinburgh Castle

  1. I’m so glad they preserved the original prison doors, that’s great to see. I love the aerial views from the castle. The first shot ot the entrance is magnificent. I would love to visit.

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  2. Great shots. That prison door looks like it has been through a lot. Visiting old castles are one of main reasons I hope to visit Scotland one day.
    Take care and thanks for participating 🙂

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      1. But some cool doors nonetheless! My wife and I are planning our trip for next summer and clinging to the fact that the vaccine’s will be fully distributed her by April/May if it goes to plan! I tell her we will need our passport and our covid card to board a plane, showing we were vaccinated!

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    1. Your comment about Darth Vader made me smile, Micah. It reminded me of the references made to Darth Vader in the movie, A Night at the Museum, staring Robin William. The ‘real’ villains were very rude about Darth Vader who they didn’t consider to be a real villain.


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