Thursday Doors – William Shakespeare’s birth home

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In 2017 we visited the birth home of William Shakespeare in Stratford-upon-Avon. These are a few of the pictures I took at this house.

Front of the house
Back of the house and garden

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66 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – William Shakespeare’s birth home

  1. I love these photos, such history! I’ve seen ropes around bedframes before. I wonder if that is an old construction technique or if it’s something added later to preserve the stability of the antique furniture.

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    1. Hi Staci, this is where Shakespeare was born and lived some of his younger years. Last week I posted about his mother’s farm where I believe he spent time during the plague years. We also visited the house where his wife grew up. We didn’t visit his grave or the house he retired too.

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      1. Oops, that was my bad of not paying close enough attention! I love seeing the actual desk and work set-up where famous writers created their masterpieces, so that’s what was in my head.

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  2. That must have been a fascinating tour, Robbie. I’m so glad you included the interior photos. I love looking back in time to see how people lived and the furniture that they had.

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  3. This is a most excellent post, Robbie. Your photos captured the beauty and history of his location. Every step has history, ever room holds many conversations. What surprised me most was finding the bust of Rabindranath Tagore in the garden. But somehow is seemed a perfect location. I love tagging along on your many adventures. So much fun!

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  4. Pretty amazing to think that Shakespeare and Dickens were in the same house, though obviously not at the same time.

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