Dark Origins: The Sleeper, a poem by Edgar Allan Poe and my reading

I am over at Writing to be Read with a new post in my Dark Origins series about The Sleeper by Edgar Allan Poe. I’ve also included my reading of this intriguing poem. Thanks for hosting me, Kaye Lynne Booth.

Writing to be Read

1849 "Annie" daguerreotype of Poe
Picture of Edgar Allan Poe – Picture credit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edgar_Allan_Poe

The Sleeper, a poem by Edgar Allan Poe takes as it subject a beautiful woman in death.

     At midnight in the month of June,
     I stand beneath the mystic moon.
     An opiate vapour, dewy, dim,
     Exhales from out her golden rim,
     And, softly dripping, drop by drop,
     Upon the quiet mountain top.
     Steals drowsily and musically
     Into the universal valley.
     The rosemary nods upon the grave;
     The lily lolls upon the wave;
     Wrapping the fog about its breast,
     The ruin moulders into rest;
     Looking like Lethe, see! the lake
     A conscious slumber seems to take,
     And would not, for the world, awake.
     All Beauty sleeps!—and lo! where lies
     (Her easement open to the skies)
     Irene, with her Destinies!

The speaker in the poem begins by describing the cemetery at midnight in the month of June. He observes the moon and notes…

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9 thoughts on “Dark Origins: The Sleeper, a poem by Edgar Allan Poe and my reading

  1. I remember reading short stories by Edgar Allen Poe that were terrifying when I was younger. The poem has some haunting lines that makes me think this woman is dead.

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    1. Yes, it is a very sad poem, but rather uplifting in that he wants the sleeper to be undisturbed in her rest and not bothered by naughty children or worms. Thanks for visiting, Linnea.


    1. Hi Norah, the Telltale Heart is rather spooky. I was wondering, while I was listening to it, whether it did provide a little of Stephen King’s inspiration for The Breathing Method [a novella in his Different Seasons collection].

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      1. The only one of King’s book I’ve read is his one On Writing, so I don’t know about that. It’s possible. Poe was a master. So too, I’m led to believe, is King.


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