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Thank you to author, Karen Black, for hosting this post about the gun used by the Boers during the Second Anglo Boer War. Thank you to 4Wills Publications for organising my A Ghost and His Gold tour.

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For those who don’t know her, I am delighted to introduce Roberta Eaton Cheadle and her latest novel, A GHOST AND HIS GOLD. Roberta combines history with fiction and weaves a story that is educational as well as entertaining. Leave a comment below for a chance to win one of four copies of this historical fiction.

A Ghost and His Gold

The gun used by the Boers during the Second Anglo Boer War

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Mauser Model 93/95

Prior to the Second Anglo Boer War, Imperial Germany supplied the two Boer Republics with tens of thousands of modern Mauser rifles. The most common of these was the Mauser Model 93/95 chambered for the 7x57mm cartridge.

This is how Tactical Life Magazine describes the Mauser Model 93/95:

“Paul Mauser’s first smokeless-powder, bolt-action, charger-loaded, magazine-fed rifle featured a tubular receiver that held a one-piece both with dual front-locking lugs. The bolt was drilled out…

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