Thursday doors – Railway Cafe at Beestekraal Stasie #Beestekraalstation #market #giraffes

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In 2005, the old Goods Shed at the defunct Beestekraal Stasie (the old railway station near the town of Beestekraal near Brits) was converted into a restaurant. A number of little businesses sprang up around the restaurant comprising of arts and crafts shops and a small market. Terence and I visited this unique restaurant for lunch while we were in the area a few weeks ago. The boys had elected to stay behind at the lodge.

The décor is simple and yet effective and we both had an excellent peri-peri steak roll and chips meal.

The times board in the picture above has some jokes: Gatvol means Fed up, Anderkant means Other side, and Soontoe means That way (all in Afrikaans).

On our way out of the game reserve, we saw a giraffe right on the edge of the road. I got a few excellent pictures:

76 thoughts on “Thursday doors – Railway Cafe at Beestekraal Stasie #Beestekraalstation #market #giraffes

  1. I think it may have been John Rieber who blogged about a hotel where giraffes stick their necks inside the windows.

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  2. I like it when old places are repurposed and make use of their original charm. I’m glad the food was good too. And great pictures of the giraffe. What a sight… only in Africa. 🙂

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