I am an author with seven published children’s picture books in the Sir Chocolate Books series for children aged 2 to 9 years old (co-authored with my son, Michael Cheadle), one published middle grade book in the Silly Willy series and one published preteen/young adult fictionalised biography about my mother’s life as a young girl growing up in an English town in Suffolk during World War II called While the Bombs Fell (co-authored with my mother, Elsie Hancy Eaton). All of my children’s book are written under the name Robbie Cheadle and are published by TSL Publications. If you are interested in learning more about my children’s books, you can find our children’s writing, poetry, baking and fondant art blog here: Robbie’s Inspiration

I have recently branched into adult horror and supernatural writing and, in order to clearly differential my children’s books from my young adult and adult writing, I am publishing these books under the name Roberta Eaton Cheadle. My first young adult supernatural novel, Through the Nethergate, is now available.

I have short stories included in the following anthologies under the name Roberta Eaton Cheadle:

I have short stories included in the following anthologies under the name Robbie Cheadle:

  • three short stories in #1 Amazon bestselling horror anthology, Nightmareland;
  • two short stories in Dark Visions, a collection of horror stories, both edited by USA Today bestselling author, Dan Alatorre;
  • three short stories published in Death Among Us, a collection of murder mystery short stories by 9 different authors and edited by Stephen Bentley.

I also have a book of poetry called Open a new door, with fellow South African poet, Kim Blades. You can find more poetry by Kim Blades here: https://kimbladeswritingblog.wordpress.com

I have been drawn to the horror and supernatural genres of books all my life. At the age of ten years old I embarked on reading Stephen King’s books including The Shining and Salem’s Lot. These books scared me so much I had to put them aside by 6P.M. in the evening in order to get a good night’s sleep but they also fascinated me. I subsequently worked my way through all of Stephen King’s earlier books as well as those of Dean R. Koontz.

I have read a large number of classics, in particular, I enjoy Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, Charles Dickens and the works of the Bronte sisters.

I am hugely interested in the history of the United Kingdom as well as the mythology and tales of the paranormal that are abundant on this intriguing European island.

This blog is intended to share some of the interesting historical facts and bits of information as well as ghost and other supernatural tales I come across in my research as well as some of my own writing in the supernatural and horror genre’s.


OAND 8-12