Welcome to Day 1 of the #AGhostAndHisGold Blog Tour! @RobertaEaton17 @nonniejules @4WillsPub @4WP11 @RRBC_Org #RRBC

Thank you to 4Wills Publishing and Nonnie Jules for this wonderful first post for my A Ghost and His Gold Halloween book tour. The cover of this book recently won the Rave Reviews Book Club Writers Conference and Book Expo and this post is all about the thought process behind this cover.

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(4) e-book copies of “A GHOST AND HIS GOLD”

Hello, friends!

It seems this beautiful blog of mine has been neglected lately, but today, I’m rectifying that.  I’d like to introduce you to Author, Robbie Cheadle and her book, “A GHOST AND HIS GOLD.” This is the first day of her tour and since it’s so close to Halloween, I selfishly wanted to get us all in the mood by opening up for her today.

Before I turn it over to Robbie, I’d like to congratulate “A GHOST AND HIS GOLD” for being named the GRAND PRIZE WINNER in RRBC’s first ever “BEST” BOOK COVER Contest, during our 6th Annual Writers’ Conference & Book Expo!

And now, my guest of honor…

Robbie, take it away!


A GHOST AND HIS GOLD by Roberta Eaton Cheadle

The purpose of a book cover is to convey the theme or purpose…

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25 thoughts on “Welcome to Day 1 of the #AGhostAndHisGold Blog Tour! @RobertaEaton17 @nonniejules @4WillsPub @4WP11 @RRBC_Org #RRBC

      1. Writing books is such a learning opportunity isn’t it! I loved all your thoughts about the design – so well considered.

        On a slightly different note did you see the list of WWI books over at Dave’s blog? I hope some might be of use – I’m interested to find out more about your next writing project….

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      2. HI Sarah, I just went over to Dave’s post and retrieved the list. Thank you so much for your wonderful recommendations, I really appreciate it. My new novel is about a young couple living in Maine in the US. The 18-year-old man decides to enlist when he gets caught up in a patriotic fervor with his friends. His fiancé moves to Orange to live with her aunt and gets a job with her cousin at the radium factory. I am covering the suffrage and women’s rights to contraception movements at the time, as well as WW1 and the story of the radium girls.


  1. Amazing, Robbie! Thank you for the reminder! Sorry, the last days were a little bit horrible, as we are waiting to get a new inhouse communication system. But they want not give us back our beloved old phone- and faxnumbers. ;-( However. Have a beautiful week! xx Michael

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It sounds this way, but its only for having more time for the paperwork. 😉 I am not really a fan of phone calls, as i have to make notices of every single call. What i get written, i can forward to the OCR software, and AI is doing the rest. Lol xx Michael

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